Outsourcing & Executive Search Services
In this services we freed clients from efforts of candidates search, payroll, administrative matters, and give flexibility to end work relationship of employees due to the business nature. At the same time we ensure business needs of expert and experienced people are met in the area of technical operations, executive functions and also support staff at right timing and cost.

Human Resources Consulting
HR consulting works ideally start with the human resources needs analysis / HR audit / manpower mapping, then we design clients HR strategies and programs that directly link with short, mid and long term business strategic intent. Furtherly, we develop an integrated HR system within HR functional areas such as ; HR management, job design, competency set-up, compensation/benefits, recruitment, performance management, training programs, development, employee & industrial relations.

Organization Development/Change Management
Company vision mission - values set - up or review will be the early works to do, then organizational review, develop functional roles and standards, including reviewing the key business process and policies / procedures to support the company strategies. Change process, will be assisted by our consultant with USA, Europe, Asia, Australia certifications from leading institutions and combined with over 20 years of experience of implementing change program in Indonesia. Programs are developed and implemented with emphasis on ; data, involvement, strategy, leadership, training, process improvement, policy and infrastructure alignment.
Assessment Center & Selections
Identifying people personal profile, capabilities, potentiality, and motivation factors are the output of this services. We run series of tests and interviews (incumbent, direct superior, peers and clients) as well as simulations in the form of ; group discussion, presentation, role play, case study. Such approach made company able to map their people effectively for right job assignment.

Training Programs
Our trainers with good /teaching skills and participants' focus attitude are focusing on skills practices through interactive teaching methods to ensure that the training objectives / clients needs are met at the end of the training program roll - out. We do training needs Analysis, then module development, training delivery and post training skills application to maximize the output of training programs.

Business Services
We also assist companies to conduct studies /research that effects their business, and provide a mediation services with local or the nation's government authority and offices or need assistance in the process of business development, and also serve clients in their printing needs.

Event Organizer and Public Relations
We arrange facilitate company events arrangements, meetings, employee social programs, parties, picnics, entertainment programs, etc. We also assist companies to do press conference or publication efforts to enhance company image through public relations programs.